Great Bathroom Remodels to Consider

Despite being the smallest room in the home, the bathroom is a special room that has plenty of decorative potential.  A plethora of updates can turn this small room into one with big possibilities. And, it doesn’t take a considerable sum of money to create a captivatingly amazing bathroom. Some of the remodels to consider include:

·    Vanity: Adding a vanity to bathroom can increase the amount of available space as well as add phenomenal beauty. A plethora of vanity styles make it easy to add a subtle or major appearance change in the bathroom.

·    Shower: A walk-in shower is a luxurious bathroom addition that you’ll love. A lot of people make the tub to shower conversion in Baton Rouge and it is worth considering for your project, too.

tub to shower conversion in Baton Rouge

·    Replace Fixtures: New faucet handles, shower handles, and other hardware upgrades can add appeal to the bathroom. It is an easy upgrade that’s affordable and worthwhile.

·    Pedestal Sink: A Pedestal sink is a simple sink, but one that has the power to deliver exceptional style to the bathroom. It is a space-saving design that’s also affordable to the budget!

·    Shower Door: Why not dispose of the shower curtain and replace with a glass shower door? A shower door is sophisticated and has perks that a shower curtain could never think about delivering.

·    Medicine Cabinet: A medicine cabinet may be a popular trend of times past but it is one that many people still use -and so should you. The medicine cabinet is installed above the sink and can add a touch of elegance to the bathroom while providing a nice space to store your belongings.

There are tons of additions and upgrades that will take your bathroom style to the next level. Consider some of the idea above to get started. You’ll love the way that your bathroom looks!