The Wood Flooring Business

With the correct technical skills and industry and product knowledge, you can have your current wood flooring repaired. And if needs be, the wood floor refinishing dallas business will replace your floor too. Work done includes scraping, over and above the installation and refinishing work. And interestingly, in this industrial day and age, the work is still being done by hand.  Needless to say, new wood floors do look quite attractive.

wood floor refinishing dallas

New wood floors are deliberately built to last, as well as creating its attractive looks. An entire flooring system can be demolished and replaced by an entirely new flooring system all in the space of just under a month, bearing in mind that most of the work being carried out is being done by hand. An intricate process indeed. The process includes all finishing, staining, scraping, and coating work.

It also includes the sanding and re-staining of floors. And small repairs, if that is all that is needed, can be carried out as well. These will be done using materials that completely match the floor.  A variety of colors and finishing options are available to allow the floor to look just as the client would wish it to look. Wood staining in any color is subsequently locked in with three layers of polyurethane coating. The variety of finishes available include ‘shiny’, satin and hand-scraped styles. These are good for disguising the usual wear and tear of wooden floors that have its usual tendency to creep in over time.

Floor refinishing of existing wood floors can help customers save themselves a little more money than is usual and help increase the lifespan of their floors. And there you have it. In a nutshell. Or should that be the floorboard. The wood flooring business.